Who are we?

The Bias Gym was set up by Jo Kandola.  Jo is passionate about research and ensuring robust, evidence based solutions are provided to clients that help them truly diminish bias.   She is a chartered psychologist and MCIPD professional with extensive experience working in, and with, organisations.  Jo obtained both her first degree in Psychology and her Masters in Occupational Psychology from the University of Hertfordshire and was awarded her PhD from Aston Business School, having conducted research looking at implicit and explicit gender attitudes and whether these are predictive of workplace gender discrimination.   Jo is also the co-author of the critically acclaimed book on this subject – ‘The Invention of Difference: The story of gender bias at work’.  

When asked about why she had set up The Bias Gym, Jo said:

“It was actually born out of a frustration! We are making very little progress in addressing bias in organisations partly because the focus is primarily on re-iterating the problem opposed to developing new and innovative approaches to address it.  We know the problem – women and minority groups are under represented in organisations and bias, both conscious and unconscious, plays a major part in preventing individuals from these groups from progressing and receiving equal treatment in the workplace.  What we don’t know is what works in addressing this bias. This is the core aim of The Bias Gym.  To develop approaches that have been scientifically proven to reduce bias and to conduct robust research that will shed light on what does and does not work in eliminating bias in the workplace. Organisations spend a great deal of money on bias interventions, we want to make sure that their investment actually changes the status quo.”